Monday, 14 November 2011

Christmas Trees are coming... Christmas Trees are coming...

For this years Christmas present project I decided to make an eco-friendly colourful Christmas tree. This Christmas Tree is approx 30cm tall and approx 9cm diameter bottom. It is a polystyrene cone on which I have attached a range of different coloured crisps/sweet wrappers using pins to make the needles. The 'needles' were all cut to approx 1cm wide strips and then attached by gently overlapping each row. It looks really effective and was a really cost effective product to make as the wrappers were already at hand to be used.

As an extra present I decided to make/decorate a memo block for use next to the phone etc. I had bought the memo block for a reasonable price from Lidl and then used a product called 'Decopatch' to decorate the block. This way I could customise each one to match the colours of the rooms I knew they would be put in. Decopatch is a type of paper, similar to tissue paper, than is glued and then varnished to give it a shine as it dried. The way to use the decopatch paper is to rip small pieces and to glue them on by overlapping each piece. By applying the glue over the top it merges the papers so that it appears like a patchwork hence the name 'Decopatch'. It can be used on wood, plastic, glass, ceramic etc.

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